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Cultivar Inventory Search

The Cultivar Inventory Search allows non-members to search for type of nut and cultivar. The search will return the type of nut, cultivar, tree health, number of trees, year planted, city and state. The data in the inventory was obtained from NNGA members. This information can be useful to nut growers when they want to select trees. Trees that grow near their location have a better chance of doing well.

The search in the member area shows information in addition to the above -- the name of the planter, company (if applicable), climate zone, soil pH, soil type, terrain, production in lbs., tree health, number of trees, year planted, city and state. Trees which grow well in places that closely match the grower's land are an additional predictor of good results.

For help in using the search software, click HERE. The beginning of the video will cover the search function. (The remainder of the video covers functions available to NNGA members.)

Click HERE to search for the type of nut tree you are interested in.

If you think you would benefit from more advanced search or would like to contribute your information to the cultivar inventory, click HERE to become a member.

If you are an NNGA Member, select the Member Area on the menu at the top of the page, log in and access the Interactive Cultivar Inventory, the advanced version of the Cultivar Inventory Search.

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